Core Focus

Core Focus

* To help achieve companys objectives and goals  *Major  transformation in the business through an effective Digital Strategy * Streamline the operations * Operations at reduced cost and improved profitability *Functional areas:  procurement planning, inventory Management, Warehouse management,  Service integration, sales and marketing, Service Support *System-ERP Implementations *customer centric approach *To  build a user friendly Model For the team in pursuit of business excellence. * Effeciency , Productivity & ROI *Business Startups

Drivers For Progress

Digital Transformation & Business Growth

Digital Transformation & Business Growth

*Data Management

* Process & systems                           

*Material Management                               

*Digital Platforms & Strategies

*Product Positioning

*User profile & Security systems

*Aligning Key Performance Indicators

*Project Ownership ,implementation

*Hyper care, training  

Customer Experience

Digital Transformation in customer experience

*Digitizing Customer experience

*Customer Relationship Management

*Online Ordering Portal

*Customer Communication Platforms

*Customer Retention Programs

Drivers for operational efficiency

Transformation in Parts & Service Operations

Transformation in Parts & Service Operations

*Gap ‘Analysis of the Process

*Appropriate Re-Engineering

*Mapping the operations & Functions

*Fully Digitized Functions’ for

 Procurement Planning,Inventory Management                              

 Warehouse Management, Sales & Marketing

 Materials Management, Service Integration

*Business process management

*Align policies & Strategies’

*Align Orgn. Structure roles,functions

*KPI’s, Budgeting, planning, ROI

Transformation of the Team

Transformation of the team

*Digitized Learning and Development

*User friendly workplace & efficiency

*Improved Productivity                        

*Integrated workflows & communication                              

*Engagement programs towards ROI/Targets

*Customized action plans against feedback

*Align org. structure, strategy & policies

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