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Who We Are

We are Hardcore Automotive Aftersales Professionals with Over 25 yrs of experience in the GCC & exposure to other Intl. Markets in the field of Automotive Aftersales- Parts operations, Sales, Service Support and Systems-ERP with the leading Automotive Brands, With hardcore training experience from the principals in all the functional areas encompassing procurement planning, inventory Management, Warehouse management, Service Support & integration, sales and marketing & Systems-ERP . Has undertaken Projects of significance such as ERP-SAP implementation, Parts & Service Excellence programs implementation, Kaizen Implementation, Business Startups, with due recognition from the Principals and clients. We are led by business Transformation experts who brings in significant value and growth in business through a Digital Strategy & innovative solutions for improved performance & results, for our clients in pursuit of business excellence

What We Do

*Digital Strategy Application & implementation
*System-ERP Implementation
*Business Start Ups
*Parts Operational functions, Process mapping
& implementation,encompassing
-Procurement Planning
-Inventory Management
-Warehouse Management
-Kaizen Management
*Sales & Marketing Strategy
*Aligning KPI’s Reports and Forms
*Customer Base Development

Why Choose Us

We provide the best Services in pursuit of business excellence where you will experience tangible results in Operational  efficiency & productivity in terms of cost, profitability ,ROI & Customer Experience

Follows Industry’s Best Practices

Technical Support

Result Oriented Projects

Experienced & Trained professional

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Head of Operations &
Digital Strategy

Who We are

Bansidhar Sukumaran

About us

Automotive Digital Strategists & Business Consultants

A Strong Digital Strategy to grow your Automotivebusiness to  thrive your Success through Parts Operations,Service & Systems


Bansidhar Sukumaran
Calicut, Kerala, India

e-mail : bansis2012@gmail.com

Office : +91 9188666030
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WhatsApp : +91 9188666030

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